what is boxybots?

To be honest – we’re not really sure! We’re a blog, we’re a brand, we’re a universe of little boxy robots. We’re a mix of 2 parts creativity and 1 part randomness. This journey started over 6 years ago, during the summer or 2010 as a clothing line. It’s evolved and taken on many different forms throughout that time and eventually landed us here. We’re excited to see where it takes us and hope you enjoy the explosion of craziness out of our combined brain powers.

who’s behind this?

We’re Drew & Dawson Burdick, brothers living in Charlotte, NC who like to illustrate and animate robots while sharing our process. We spend our free time daydreaming and creating things inspired by everyday life. We love the ins and outs of creating something from nothing – building a brand from scratch and fleshing out a universe from the ether.