Boxybot Wooden Pin Preview

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Over 18 months ago I shut the doors on a clothing line I spent 5 years of my life building (formerly known as Billionaires Apparel for those who are new to my story). I took a full time job as a web designer and stepped away from the retail business completely.

It was a really REALLY tough decision, but one that needed to happen. I was completely burned out and had depleted every ounce of energy trying to figure out how to provide for my growing family. After shutting the brand down I promised myself I was done, that I was over the retail thing.

But then thoughts started swirling and urges to make things began to creep in. I started the #DailyBoxybots challenge the first of the year and questions started coming. “Are you going to make t-shirts again? What is Boxybots? Is this still a clothing line?”

I’ve been pushing those questions and thoughts out of my head for awhile now, but after careful consideration I decided to do something about it and release a very small batch of unique collectibles.

I recently watched @thewoodenpin launch an inspiring take on the classic enamel pin and I’ve been geeking out over every design. I’ve added a bunch of his pins to my own personal collection and I’m in love with the quality and detail. Because I’ve enjoyed his pins so much, I thought it would be fun to release a set of wooden Boxybots as well.

So here it is – a sneak peek at 1 of 3 different designs I’ll be releasing in the next few weeks. I’m really really excited to be getting back into it and am looking forward to hearing what you guys think. This doesn’t mean that Boxybots is going to be a retail brand or even that I’ll be releasing more stuff. This is simply me scratching my own itch and putting something out there that I love.

Huge thanks to those of you who have been with me from the start and to those who only recently started following my journey. You guys are the reason I do this ❤️🤖

~ Drew